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Boat Reviews By Owners

79 -- 26' 0" SEAFEARER

Model: 26FT

Cockpit: good size for 4 people visibility is good have had many afternoon picnicing days and swimming off her transon has a swim ladder

Cabin: great for two storage is fine head a bit small but for weekends is great use forward berth for storage

Construction: well built would have prefered flater decks two hatches nice air flow salon table is perfect changed gally stove to propane (dont like the white gas) very dry in rough seas sinks could be better and head floor drain is too small easy to fix compass need to be replaced sun dammage

Handling: love her bit tender for some but it all in the trimming added boom vang and roller fullering (had some bugs worked out) 130 genoa needs can be handeled without wiches upt 15 knots reef on after 20 kn wind but will sometimes sail her with just the main or gib (do alot of solo sailing)new main full battened and lazy jacks they sometime hang up in the jack when rasing sail which has to be done from top of dog house (goingto change this to in the cockpit one of the pains for solo sailing) the winches are forward of the wheel which made me go to self tailing blocks to tack points very well and down wind now that have vang ok traveler in cockpit find that handy for strong winds and trimming easy to get weather helm if not ontop of trimming you have to sail the boat she is fast but not super fast

Engine Room: had a yanmar but after 15 years quit and monted a very long shat 9.5 nissan and is actual better for getting in and out of port more torgue but a pain for docking and havent long motor sailed with it but in strong winds extremmly good

General Comments: sail her bays of longisland s.shore and she only draws about 4ft for perfect size mostly weekend and day sailing samller and it would be too wet and bigger in summer would be too much boat yet she feel like a 30 or 35 fter for the bay with 6ft headroom and comfortable salon own her on a beer budget and dont miss out still has factory rigging and wheel nothing other than sails lines replaced (other than the motor)

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Date Submitted: 2006-09-08

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