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Boat Reviews By Owners

1989 -- 23' 0" MAKO

Model: M 230

Cockpit: Compared to many boats in its class, this Mako stikes a very good balance in the size and functionality of the cockpit and cabin. Visibility from the helm is very good. The boat can accomodate 8 people very comfortably.

Cabin: The cabin comfortably sleeps two average-sized adults. It is well ventilated with large side windows and roof hatch. There is a large teak cabinet with two shelves and two drawers on the port side aft of the v-berth. A workspace with sink and storage is located starboard. a porta-potty is stored under the step at the entryway. We frequently spend a night or two on the boat with two persons. One person could stay longer. I once stayed aboard for a week by myself in Bimini.

Construction: This boat has one of the classic hulls that Mako was renowned for in the 1980's. It is extremely solid and when properly trimed a very smooth ride. It is not showing any significant signs of stress after over 16 years of use, including several Gulfstream crossings. Some much appreciated features include a large integraqted bow pulpit, seating for up to three in the bow and large removable fish boxes built into the gunnels on each side near the stern. On the down-side, the bow, gunnels and the conventional open transom are a bit lower than I like and I must watch weight and balance if rough seas are expected.

Handling: The boat handles extremely well up to 5' seas. Much higher and the relatively low bow, gunnels and stern becomne a concern. The addition of trim tabs greatly improved the boats handling.

Engine Room: I purchased the boat used with a 1989 225 Johnson 2-Stroke. That engine served me well for 10-years, but finally wore out after over 1000 hours. In 2003, I re-powered with a new Yamaha 225 4-Stroke. The Yamaha is much smoother, quieter, and fuel efficient. While not a big deal, the Yamaha is somewhat heaver and does not have quite the acceleration or top-end of the Johnson. With the new engine and trim tabs, this feels like a whole new boat.

General Comments: This is a very versatile boat that we use for a wide range of activities ranging from flats fishing to diving trips across the Gulfstream between Florida and the Bahamas.

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Date Submitted: 2006-08-06

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