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Boat Reviews By Owners

1975 -- 35' 0" CORONADO

Model: 35 Center cockpit

Cockpit: Cockpit is a bit small foot room wise, helm table can only be the size of a tv tray. Seating area is HUGE and works well as 2 beds if you want to sleep on deck.

Cabin: Probably the most spacious 35 you will ever see, the interior is HUGE for a 35 foot boat. Perfect for 2 people who want an easy boat to sail.

Construction: Hull is fiberglasa over a balsa core below the waterline and solid glass above. Having done a massive refit on my coronado I have not noted any significant hull problems and we took this boat to the pan. Everything was removed, wire, wood, etc. I expected a lot worse and was very surprised how well the hull was built. One thing we are doing to this boat is filling the void between the pan (interior fiberglass "hull") and the hull with bouyancy foam for 2 reasons, safety (hull will be unsinkable) as well as additional strength the foam supplies to the hull. Bouyancy foam is fairly rigid and can transfer some light compression loads to the pan and the interior pan will be able to provide additional support to the hull in the evet of a side/bottom impact. hull bulkheads are typically only glassed one side which is adequate for light/medium seas. If you really want to take the boat out for a good bash then both sides of the bulkheads should be glassed to the hull but this can only be done if the boat has been completely stripped. Durring an inspection if there is any water damage to the plywood bulkheads that are glassed to the hull do not buy this boat. The galley mold and head mold are glassed to the hull as well as lockers. Inspect these areas to see how well the boat has held up over 30 years. Poke the ply with something sharp (Not the hull), if it is solid then the support is fine. If hatches have been cut in the cockpit sides then inspect the laminate that would be the deck above the head and galley. The cockpit was not desigined to be cut full of hatches and water will drain directly into the laminate of the deck. To fix this you need about 4 gallons of polyester resin and a funnell and fill the small gap between the outermost cockpit side and cockpit deck. You will see a finger sized gap that extends down to the level of the flush deck. Fill that gap with resin completely around the cockpit. if there are any blisters in the galley and head ares you can inject epoxy to fix any damage, be sure to inject both sides. top bottom, deck ceiling etc. For heavy sailing the chain plates should be upgraded. For added hull protection it should be barrier coated. If you are going to buy this boat make sure you inspect for any water in the balsa core. IF the core of the hull is soft DO NOT, DO NOT, BUY THIS BOAT!!!! You need to pay a good surveyor to inspect this hull. Other than that.. it is a very well built hull for a boat that was for the lower end market. You dont see this quality in modern boats that have been built for the same market. There is A LOT of glass in these older boats. Would I trust this boat in heavy seas before my conversions have been done? Well I would be a bit worried but I have seen some pretty pathetic boats cross oceans so it is up to you. 5 foot 6 inch draft is the best model for this boat, shoal draft model will drag the rudder.

Handling: With a narrow beam she is a little rocket unless you have her full of provisions and everything else for a long haul.

Engine Room: I have a pathfinder converted VW 50 HP diesel in this boat and LOVE IT!!! It is a bit big for this boat but I have no problem getting out of my own way. The parts come from any VW dealer WORLD WIDE, and they are inexpensive. Main thing is this is a simple engine that is easy to work on and it just keeps going and going and going and going and going and going and going.

General Comments: I LOVE THE FLUSH DECK!!!!! Coronado 35's are kinda ugly but they are the most functional 35 foot liveaboard you will find that is very easy to single hand if set up that way. If you want to do a 100% refit they are easy to work on, easy to convert to Hydraulic steering, have room for plenty of gizmos with a little modification here and there... you just need to be creative. questions? my email is royhunters (at) hotmail .com obviously you need to make it a normal looking email address wihout any spaces and use the @ sign.

Email Address:

Date Submitted: 2006-07-24

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