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Boat Reviews By Owners

2000 -- 23' 0" KEY WEST

Model: 2300 blue water

Cockpit: great visibility even out infront of the bow. makes docking and loading on the trailer easy.

Cabin: The cabin is small, but it does accomidate most of your needs. Head, sink, and even a small stove. I don't think I would like to spend a hole weekend in there.

Construction: I can't say enough about the constuction of this boat. I fish on many different brands of boats. This one has been built well. After ruff days I don't have to ever go around with a screw driver and tighten up things that have been jarred loose. They use backing plates and lock nuts on just about everything. This boat realy holds up well even after a good days beating.

Handling: My 2300 with a single motor handles well in tight quarters. On the open water it preforms well for its size. Its no wetter or drier than any other boat of this size.

Engine Room: Mine is powered by a 200 hp yamaha 0X66. It cruises between 25 & 29 mph at 4000 RPM's depending on the sea's and how much of a load I'm carrying. It will top out at just under 40 MPH. At cruise I am getting about 2 miles per gallon. The 140 gallon fuel tank gives this boat incredible range. The only thing keeping me from the 100 mile out trips is its size and lack of two motors, another words "common sence".

General Comments: The main use for this boat for me has been tippicaly all day fishing trips out in the atlantic. The conditions are normaly between 2 and 4 feet sometimes in a swell, sometimes in nasty chop. By the end of the day I have usualy ran a total of about 100 miles round trip using about 50 gallons of fuel. I have taken several consecutive large waves over the bow this boat completly swamping the cockpit. I was amazed at how fast the vessel emptied itself, recoverd, & kept its bow up hight, enableing it to push threw a awful set of breakers coming threw a very angry inlet.

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Date Submitted: 2006-07-21

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