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Boat Reviews By Owners

1971 -- 35' 0" CORONADO

Model: 35 center cockpit

Cockpit: Large Cockpit is centered with ample space for 4 persons,The wheel is large and requires steppingg up on the cockpit seat to go around

Cabin: This is a flushed deck boat w 6ft head romm throughout Comfortable for 2 to 4 but can sleep 7 in a pinch. Aft- Large queen size berth with ample sit up and whatever room moving fwd the galley is on the std , enginr e compartment mid, head w/shower prt, . there is a decent size salon wit swing up bunk bed on the prt side sitee and dinning L ahaped table stb. large fwd v berth

Construction: Hull is solid Glass and well built. I am told it is the same hull as a Columbia 35" The deck is riveted on with the aluminum rub rail stripwhich I don't care fore but other wize seems to be strong and sound. The deck is fiberglass sandwiched ply of vering thickness that has wheathered well for 35 years. The Rudder is longer then the keel and the aft skeg by a few inches an is not supported on the bottom. This has lead to bend of the rudder in shaol waters

Handling: This vessel is a windabago in the she will get you where your going.She has a lot of windage that i feel help under sail. I have recorded 6.5 kts fully reefed in 30kt winds. It mat be me but I like her mre in heavy winds then light. Seems to take about12knt for a decent day sail. I've had her in 25ft sea w 70kt gusts dead on the bow . No problem. 7ft chops with 35kts the cabin looked liked she'd been thru a paint shaker but she stood up well.

Engine Room: When I bought her in '95 she had been repower with a 28 horspower Perkins M-30 A decent engine that cruises 6kts and can get 7.

General Comments: I use this vessel as a livaboard cruiser she is suited well for both. Ok for the Carribean but needs some strengthening any thing more. I think she can do it . the question is would you want to try. I am. I would be interested in contacting other owners

Email Address:

Date Submitted: 2006-05-24

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