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Boat Reviews By Owners

2004 -- 25' 6" BOSTON WHALER

Model: 255 conquest

Cockpit: The cockpit is good with all round visibility. the set up is Ideal for fishing or crusing.

Cabin: The cabin is good, nothing fancy, but practical. It has room to sleep two or three. There is a head there that leaks and doesn't work properly.

Construction: The construction of this boat was neglegent. there are far too many problems to mention here. Let me just say this everyone be aware of Boston Whaler... they don't seem to care at all about there boats once there sold. I was told today that although the boat and every item in it is still under warrenty that Boston Whaler won't cover them all. Come on I spent $144,000 on this boat and the thing is falling apart.. oh did I mention it sunk too.. no holes in the hull.. manufacture defect...

Handling: The boat doesn't really handle that well, I expected more from a Boston Whaler. The boat slams down in the troughs.

Engine Room: I have the most and best power money could buy. I beat the maximum weight ratio for this boat by about 200 pounds. I am running duel 225 hp 4 stroke mercs. The boat does over 60 mph. on a flat day.. but let me state this speed isn't everything.

General Comments: I bought this boat for sport charter fishing and to date the boat hasn't been dependable enough to even take out 1 charter. Right now it is up in dry dock getting some of the work done that Boston Whaler says they will cover. I highly recommend staying away from Boston Whaler products. As good as there name makes you think they are, they appear to be a company that has lost it's quality and its dedication to its customers during the takeover from the Brunswick group.

Email Address:

Date Submitted: 2005-06-22

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