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Boat Reviews By Owners

1989 -- 23' 6" MAKO

Model: 231

Cockpit: Large cockpit with good windshield coverage, good visibility, I do have a T-Top so the shade is nice on my bald head! Has a factory bent front rail which looks dorky but is that way for visibility when underway. Power is a 99 Suzuki 225, 40ish top end loaded and easily cruises 28-9 in choppy seas. The ride is legendary and I have yet to get even a drop on me in rough seas!!!

Cabin: What cabin?

Construction: It is the original Mako!!! Construction was and still is top notch. I have the factory leaning post and forward v seating. Excellent storage, great access to wires etc.I have to say the bait well in the floor thing and rear transom area was not to well thought out. The newer styles are much more user friendly, but my boat did not break the bank at 50K, so the in floor stuff is just fine for me!Nice gunnels that you can walk around on and the kids sit on the front when going slow. Fun times and great boat!!!

Handling: Handels very well in the open ocean which is what she is made for. Loves the sea and keeps you dry. I have bennet trim tabs and they make a huge difference! The seaworthyness is second to none!

Engine Room: 1999 Suzuki 225 2 stroke with a stainless prop. She is the right motor for the boat, but the new power stuff is said to be 40-50% more fuel efficient?! This engine is nice because when she craps for whatever sensor trips she goes into a safe mode and allows opperation of half the engine to limp home on. No more kicker needed here. Only happened once and thank you suzuki for this feature!

General Comments: Fishing and Family fun. She is a center console and is at home in the open ocean which is why I bought it. The 160 gal gas tank is good and provides good range. She is still light in the draft at a little over a foot and we get around the intercoastal and IRL just fine. Great all around boat with the seating for the family and the wavos to be the offshore machine you want!

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Date Submitted: 2005-04-01

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