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Boat Reviews By Owners

1992 -- 29' 0" LUHRS

Model: 290 Open

Cockpit: Cockpit is decent sized for a 29 footer. Boat is stable when boarding as has a nice wide beam. Helm is raised over the engines and visibility is good overall. All these boats have a small generator (usually Onan) under the cockpit deck because it will not fit in the engine room. This boat had a new one which was nice but the reason is that the drains in the hatch get clogged with debris over time and water drips onto the generator. And when it's saltwater guess what happens over time..that's right nice ball of rust. Access to the rudder shafts, steering rams and rear bilge is very tight. Small tower on top of the hardtop is easy to climb and provides a nice view of your baits when trolling. Throw a cooler of beer of there and you're set..well until you have to use the head.

Cabin: For a 29 footer Luhrs gives you a nice sized cabin with micro, TV / VCR combo, couchs, and air conditioning. Two or three people can easily overnight without feeling too cramped but it might be cheaper than a hotel room in the islands. Small head all the way foward with shower. Everything is fiberglass including the floor so everything can and will get wet. Hatch overhead for decent ventilation. Decent access to the bilge and make sure you keep them clean..alot of these boats always get that "holding tank" smell from well, that and from dirty bilges so some Orpine or Big Bully will do the trick nicely.

Construction: Overall a solid, well-built boat. Very heavy, maybe too heavy (see performance below)..engine room is tight..even simple chores like changing the engine oil or checking the batteries seem like work and as a result many owners put these chores on hold or have to pay somebody big money to do it for them.

Handling: Excellent head-sea boat, dry and smooth. Following sea can be a little tricky...definately have to be on the wheel to counter correct. Somewhat stable at rest but like to "roll" while underway..most likely beacuse of the deep-V and no keel for stability. These boat are SLOW...period. Very few are diesel powered and the majority have gas small block (350cid) Chevy engines (Crusader). Cruise speed light load is about 22mph. You can count on that number dropping with full fuel and you will need it...these boats will drink gas and at $2.75 a gallon on the water, make sure the credit card is clean.

Engine Room: Standard power is usually twin 350 Chevrolet..make sure you check or have the risers and exhaust manifolds's not a super hard job to change them but access to the outboard sides of the engines is downright tight and you will be charged for the labor accordingly. Diesel models are worth the extra money by all means. Choose carbs over fuel injected gas engines for simplicity but will not be as efficient.

General Comments: You can buy these boats all day long for about $60K and are alot of boat for the money. Perfect for coastal fishing or diving. They are by no means fast and use alot of fuel. Like all inboards, it's either behind your house or your keeping it in the marina. It helps to be mechanically inclined otherwise find an honest, clean working mechanic for oil / filter changes, pump replacement, and all the other things that require attention on these type boats. The day my friend bought his and sold it was the happiest times of ownership. Food for thought.

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Date Submitted: 2004-12-18

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