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Boat Reviews By Owners

1997 -- 30' 0" CENTURY

Model: 3000 Walkaround cabin

Cockpit: This boat belonged to a client and I had the opportunity to run this particular model for the better part of a year. The old slogan says "you get what you pay for" and this is true. For the money you get "alot" of boat and when I say "alot" I mean basically "volume". These boats are somewhat functional and are supposed to be good at fishing, diving, and cocktail cruising. There is a small cabin foward with V berth however because of some funky design only one person can sleep up there. Bulkhead covering material was cheap and falling off. The L shaped lounge in front of the helm is nice for your wife if she like to read while anchored up but otherwise is a waste of space. The head is under the console and like all builders nowadays give you this tiny-ass door to squeeze thru in order to get in and out. The inside small and cramped. Another waste of space. The helm is off-centered and the bow is hard to see especially when getting on or off of a plane. Overhead electronics box is nearly impossible to reach unless you stand on the footrest for the leaning post. Console switches are cheap and Century uses a nice black colored panel which in a few years time (like now) is faded and looks bad. The cockpit was decent sized but the leaning post ate up alot of useful room. Decent sized fishboxes in deck along with livewell and baitprep area.

Cabin: The foward cabin was a waste..good for storing clothes or food for island trips but otherwise had no useful value. V berth had weird design that allowed only one person a place to sleep if need be. Interior fabrics and accessories were cheap and falling apart.

Construction: For a large boat it was built piss-poor. Transom was marginally reinforced to support large twin engines. Multiple cracks on the top and outside sections of the transom supported these findings. Hull sides were very thin evidence of coring for strength or sound dampening. Boat was disturbingly noisy when underway...hatches creaked when walked on...some had cracks from lack of support. Wiring thrown about..a box of tie wraps and some time could have made a better wiring installation at the factory.

Handling: Fast boat overall...decent in beam and following seas. Anything over a 3ft. head-sea and the ride gets rough real fast. Stable at rest. Hard to see bow when powering up on plane and when coming off.

Engine Room: This boat had twin Yamaha 250 Saltwater Series OX66 Fuel Injection two-strokes. An excellent motor with no problems what so ever. They deserved to be mounted on a better boat.

General Comments: The sad thing is that somebody at one point paid alot of hard-earned money for a boat that is sub-standard. If Century paid attention to the little details and took some pride in their work they would have a decent product. They are now owned by Yamaha and I think have done better with quality. This particular boat is better suited for the afternoon booze cruise than island running or hardcore tournament fishing. Treat yourself to a smaller and newer Grady White or Mako for the same money.

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Date Submitted: 2004-12-17

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