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Boat Reviews By Owners

1987 -- 48' 0" VIKING

Model: 48 Convertible

Cockpit: These boats probably have the biggest cockpit for their class. Approximately 145 sq. ft is the size and it's obviously big enough for a full sized fighting chair and all necessary gear for fishing. Like all these type boats they have a tackle drawers, bait prep station w/sink and a bait freezer. In deck there is a large fishbox w/ macerator and a smaller fishbox or storage along with a livewell. The hatches from factory were big...about 5 ft long with no type of hinge of support cylinder which nowadays is unacceptable. A nice custom touch is to cut the hatch in half and hinge it for easier use and / or access. Underneath the cockpit is a single 680 gal fiberglass fuel tank and plenty of storage. Decent access to the steering gear, hydraulics, mufflers, and fire suppression system.

Cabin: The majority of these Vikings came plan "A" which in short terms is a two stateroom model galley down with a small area for eating (you and someone else)...Compared to other production builders at the time Viking did nice work, not like today but nonetheless a good job with attention to detail and overall a nice presentation. Most used ones today have been reworked with fresh fabrics and upgraded appliances, etc. The layout overall is very good with excellent access to all pumps, bilges, etc. Forget what the yacht brokers say...these boat are perfect for two people and four tops when it comes to spending the night or any type extended time traveling.

Construction: Long story short....the bottom is solid fiberglass...never had a problem with blisters in ten years...the hull sides, deck, and cabin house are cored with balsa wood. If you are in the market to purchase a used one make sure you get a good survey because the core over time will get water in it somewhere and the best place is at the deck scuppers in the cockpit. Mine sustained quite a bit of water in the core and required quite a bit of cosmetic surgery to correct the problems. Overall the boat is well built and will provide good service. You can enjoy a day of fishing and not have to put the boat back together when you return to the dock.

Handling: In simplest terms...decent size head-sea these boats will beat you to death and are very wet..beam or following-sea they are excellent and are very stable at rest or trolling.

Engine Room: The majority are powered with Johnson & Towers or plain GM 8V92TI or later ones TA's...horsepower varies between 675 and 735 each depending..I had the lower HP which had good fuel economy and longevity between MOHs. Original gensets were Westerbeke 15kw which usually did not have a sound shield and were well noisy..most today have been replaced with a more modern, quieter type. Engine room overall is well laid-out with good access outboard the main engines. Original boats came with Dahl filters which I think are garbage, most have been replaced with Racor brand. Good access to the batteries but due to their size can be a pain to change out...spend the extra money and make sure you have gel batteries for simplicity and longevity.

General Comments: Overall a respectable sportfisherman and still yield a good chunk of change..a bristol 15 year old model will go for around $330K and of course slightly older and rougher ones will be in the high 200's. With the new Vikings coming out today these (1986-1991) older ones are starting to show their age but many have been upgraded and still show nicely. If considering one make sure you get a proper survey especially for the water issues to prevent problems.

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Date Submitted: 2004-12-17

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