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Boat Reviews By Owners

2004 -- 31' 0" LARSON

Model: Cabrio

Cockpit: With 10' 6" Beam on 31Ft Hull the Cockpit is a nice size for the boat. Visibility is great: you can easily see beyond the extended platform and to far port bow corner. Back bench seat is completly removable as is the starboard side seat making an open cockpit for fishing.

Cabin: Great Layout for entertaining, but as I am finding out, not so great for extended sleepovers. The interior was designed to entertain with the bow V-Area as a wrap-around table setting with secondary table setting port of galley. Aft cabin is nice size. Storage is adequate but hard to get to. Great Galley. Great Head (same size as Larson 33Cabrio)

Construction: Overall, I am happy with the boat. I have had some warranty issues, but anyone who buys a new boat will! Love the screen on cabin entrance door in cool nights ...only other boat I know that has it in this size is Doral.

Handling: I am in Chesapeake Bay. Seas range from nothing to 4ft steep and stiff chop. I have been in it all, and happy with the performance. Not to say you will not bounce or get wet in a 4ft chop, but the boat felt confident to handle the seas. Love the Hull...planes very quick which makes for excellent fuel economy. I did the research. This is the most fuel efficient 31 Express Cruiser on the market.

Engine Room: Twin Bravo III 5.7 Liter Merc. Dip sticks are hard to reach. Ample storage room in bilge.

General Comments: I looked at Doral, Sea Ray, Chapparal, Rinker. For the money of what you get this is a great buy. I still love the 31 Doral and if money is not an issue for you look that direction. Sea Ray's 31 is very plain. Chapparal was to much for the boat. I use this boat for general cruising and some fishing all in Chesapeake Bay. She is a good good boat!

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Date Submitted: 2004-08-02

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