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Boat Reviews By Owners

1993 -- 31' 0" IMP

Model: 310

Cockpit: This boat has an average sized cockpit, it is confortable for up to 6 people and we have had as many as 10. The constuction and the materials are good quality and have held up under some pretty wild parties. The front seats are McLoed power bolsters, the kind you find in much higher priced boats. The gages are well laid out and easy to read. Being a 1993 the black gages are looking a little dated. Access to the underside of the dash is good. Also the sides are tall enough that people feel safe even in the roughest water. Storage in the cockpit is very good.

Cabin: The interior has a very modern look and is well lit. The cabin is a little short but it is larger than many of this length boat. There is stroage in the front, behind bench seats, and by the sink. The sink and the fridge are nice to have. The bathroom hase a porti-potty in it and has plenty of room for use. I use the bathroom as storage for all my covers, tables, bumpers, ect.

Construction: This is one solid boat. It is a little heavier for towing than some in its class, but that more than made up for in its solid construction. The cockpit seating does have some wood in its construction but it has held up very well for us. The only complaint I have about the construction is that the wiring was not run as cleanly as I would have liked. The gel coat looks nearly new still, it has yellowed ever so slightly.

Handling: The IMP does exteremly well in rough water due to its construction and weight. The boat turns effortlessly and quickly with very little tendancy to dig even at high speeds. We have had this boat in 8-10' waves and it gave us an exciting ride but came through just fine. This boat does not have a ride pad or steped hull so it is not the fastest boat in smooth water. It runs 68-70 mph. In rougher water the boat is faster that many of my friend's boats that are faster than mine in smooth water.

Engine Room: The IMP has a pair of std 330HP 454's connected to bravo 1 drives. I have had only minor maintenece type work to do on the engines and only one repair on a drive. Also some minor electrical problems (bad ground, but hey its a boat)

General Comments: This boat has great lines, it is a really good looking package that is well built and has held up well. One of the best things about the boat is the price, this is a really reasonsably priced boat for the quality of construction and features.

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Date Submitted: 2003-10-09

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