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Boat Reviews By Owners

1962 -- 28' 0" OWENS

Model: SeaSkiff

Cockpit: The cockpit is a wide open "hardtop"deck that is just great for fishing and partying.You can easy have6 to 8 people on board with room left.Ive still kept her cockpit all varnished,(hardtop too)

Cabin: The cabin is the best, Sleeps 4 comfey,table sits 4,The fridg. still keeps food cold and works great.The "head" is still all varnished. A 6 foot can stand streaght up and walk @. Ive had the greatest of times in the caben. Great sound, finishs it off

Construction: Well she had a Birthday this year. (40) I would say that she was built with the greatest of skill. The only area that I have is by the area where the window (cabin) meets the wood in the back,...leaks.... Common problem on the seaskiffs.

Handling: I keep her on the niagra river a couple of miles from lake Erie.We also cruz the Erie canel alot. Ihave a cottage and my own 130" dock. that she moors at.Ive been (caught) out on the lake with 8 to 10 foot waves and she got me home with no problems. I then realized what a great boat the Owens bro.s built.I wouldnt trade her for a new one!

Engine Room: The engine is a 283 chev. Ive completly rebuilt the engine. including new cam,headers,heads, Itook out the lead valves, and R+R and put unleaded valves, new water pump etc. The trans is stock And works great. I get around 28 knots, we even ski with her

General Comments: I cant say enough about her, My wife and I love her and cant spend enough time on her. Its alot of work upkeeping her.As i said shes still varnished, mahag. and the winters up here in Buffalo I dont have to tell you about. But its worth all the work every spring As far as Im concerned shes worth her weight in gold. I cant tell the "LOOKS" we get when we pull in to any marnia. Im proud of her + the work Ive done. She is some kind of wonderfull

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Date Submitted: 2003-01-08

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