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Boat Reviews By Owners

1989 -- 32' 10" CRUISER YACHTS

Model: 3269 Esprit

Cockpit: Cockpit seating it somewhat limited, with a single 48" bench seat. The seat it uncomfortably far from the helm. Adjustment to a closer position is cumbersome.

Cabin: Cabin a sufficient for two people for brief over night trips. But there is no comfortable place to sit and relax if you want to watch a movie or just chat. The only seating is the dinette area, which is somewhat cramped.

Construction: As with all Cruisers, its well-built.

Handling: Handles great, especially when the waves get up a bit. In 3'-6' waves on Lake Erie, the Esprit seems happiest at about 18 MPH.

Engine Room: The 270 Crusaders have plenty of power. But maintenance access - especialy to the impellers and belts - is very tight and difficult.

General Comments: The Esprit is best suited doing what it was built for - zipping across calm or semi-calm waters at about 24 MPH.

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Date Submitted: 2009-03-28

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