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Boat Reviews By Owners

1987 -- 32' 0" RIVIERA

Model: flybridge

Cockpit: Flybridge has two chairs behind helm+ l-shaped lounge in front+ single lounge down side.Helm gives great visibility of whole boat which is great for berthing.Rear cockpit has plenty of room and I feel has more area than the more recent 35ft rivieras.Plenty of room for fighting the big fish or simply socialising.Door through the stern gives great access to marlin board.Also the ladder to flybridge is un obtrusive to the area although steeper than what is found on some boats

Cabin: Cabin is well set out and I have stayed on the boat while house was being renovated and found it quite adequate for two people and a dog to live aboard for that time.The only complaint is in the lowest bedroom the double bed is situated right at water level which leads to loud slapping noises when the water is not calm,this is not a problem in the front cabin.Kitchen is well situated and is more than adequate. Staying for long periods aboard on cruising trips is not a problem

Construction: Overall construction is great the only problem I have come across and cannot believe rivieras stupidity in this is I wanted to change from manual to electric toilet and during construction they bolted not screwed the original toilet on but gave no access inderneath to undo the bolts. I had to make an access hatch to undo them.It may have been an individual dope that did this I dont know as toilets are usually screwed in place

Handling: Boat handles superb in nearly all conditions and I have had it in most conditions and handled it with confidence from river cruising to 50miles out to sea. I am glad to have the 200hp volvos though instead of the 165hp that most 32's have that extra hp makes a difference in hairy conditions out to sea. With the dual shafts she spins on a dime and berthing single handed is not a problem in most conditions

Engine Room: I have dual 200hp turbo diesels .After having these and having driven 32s with the more common dual 165hp I wouldnt have the 165 volvos if you intend to do anything more than river cruise

General Comments: Great boat I have decked her out for gamefishing and others in the club comment on the way she is set up.I also do trips up and down the coast with girlfriends and my dog.And also sit down the river just having a beer and she handles all situations.With her size she is great for one person to cope with without requiring assistance

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Date Submitted: 2001-06-13

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