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Boat Reviews By Owners

2000 -- 24' 0" BAYLINER

Model: 2452 Ciera

Cockpit: Helm visibility is good, at low speed and at plane, difficult to see over bow when "squatted" before plane achieved. Big plus in boat this size is hard to on helm area, nice ++ in foul weather. Adequate open area for sitting or fishing, she likes sun, I like shade, so good combo!

Cabin: Most spacious in boats of this size range, this is what sold us as weekenders with occasional longer stays. Very comfortable cabin, excellent layout.

Construction: Build surprised me, never had a Bayliner and people bad mouth them. I have found most of the bad mouther's never had one. Construction is good, fit and finish is good, I have no complaints, a few cheap components but serve their purpose adequately. Bottom line is don't buy a Bayliner and expect a Hatteras.

Handling: Handles well at speed, wanders a lot at low speed, helm needs CONSTANT attention at low speed. Handles small to medium chop well, dry ride and nice hull performance for boat in this category. I would not want her out in 4'-6' following seas though.

Engine Room: Mercruiser 5.0 power is adequate, fool proof design, I have occasionally wished I had the 5.7 or EFI model, but I can cruise at about 23-26 MPH (per GPS) without difficulty if just me and the admiral, with company and/or head wind you lose some performance. But powerplant seems well thought out and performs smoothly.

General Comments: We are weekend cruisers, with occasional 3-6 day cruises, and saw this boat at a marina in Charleston SC while we were doing that on a Wellcraft 23 W/A cuddy. This is like a cruise ship compared to that in an extra foot of overall length and a few more pounds. Still trailerable withouth much difficulty which we do often for new cruising areas. These boats are plentiful and can be found all over the country, find one that the owner has taken care of and you can have a lot of boat for not much money. Bottom line is we love this boat.

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Date Submitted: 2008-06-20

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