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Boat Reviews By Owners

1985 -- 26' 0" SISU

Model: lobster hull with trunk cabin

Cockpit: A great boat.We have taken her from Gloucester, Mass., to Penobscot Bay in Maine, in all sea conditions to 12 footers over the house.No problem.Comfortable, more than our searay flybridge cabin and penn yan, by a hands down no comparison.The lobster hull is the way to boat right,from 26 feet to 52 feet you can find a Lowell design and a proud ,happy Captain.I can go on about the virtues of a Lowell design,the best thing to do is to get on one.Designers Carrol and brother Riley both are passed away,however, their boats are still available.A 35 is listed in recent Wooden boat mag.They are the finest kind!!!

Cabin: V berth, comfy for wife and me on weekly cruise of 300 nautical miles,no dislikes for a 26 footer. we have a full head to starboard and counter to port.The entry to cabin is centered on the bulk head,however,other entries were made to port side eliminating the counter area port side.I am 6foot and sleep well on berth and I have a real bad back.

Construction: bought at 15 years old it passed survey better than some new boats.It was a high 90% with no water moisture problem period.Replacement value 2001 =$100,000.00,one hundredthousand

Handling: Absolute perfect in all seas, is a lowell design,these people are credited with being the creator of the lobster boat...see Virginia Thorndike,Maine Losterboats a great book

Engine Room: I have gas,chrysler 360cui,at 300 hp.I have a top speed of 35mph in good sea and light.I cruise at 18mph and get approx 4gal per hour with 50 gallons available I cruise 10 hours or about 180 miles..prefer Styr diesel of 250 to 300 hp

General Comments: LOVE HER!! cruise the coast of maine,day trip,hour trips,recreational fishing.she can go any where in the world and in fact they hail from all world ports ,suited for all conditions

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Date Submitted: 2001-04-07

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