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Boat Reviews By Owners

1991 -- 30' 6" OCEAN MASTER


Cockpit: If you've been boating awhile then you've seen them around. With a ten foot beam they're big boats inside. There is a huge compartment in the raised deck foward of the console. Big enough for two grown guys to play some cards and drink beer. Really, alot of room in the compartment. Can even hang fishing rods off of the ceiling on either side of the hatch. Suprisingly there really is no other compartments other than the console. The entire back half of the deck only has the livewell. You will not find the amount of storage like on a Contender or Sea Vee of equal size. Well it's a boat.....there's always some compromise.

Cabin: The Console. It's fairly large and if you're not over six feet tall then you can most likely stand up inside of it. The foward seat doesn't have exterior storage like on most consoles. The storage is actually reversed and you'll find it on the inside. In fact there are two shelves which are pretty handy. You've got a dry place for your charts, flares, tools and even some extra clothes if you want. Built in head is nice but it eats up alot of room. I prefer the 'ol 5 gallon bucket but when you've got ladies onboard you know what that means. The rear portion of the console has another low shelf for oil tanks or batteries, depending on the boat. Plenty of access to your mechanicals and electronics.

Construction: Ah, the real part. Per the factory....20 layers of glass in the bottom. No core in the bottom or topsides. Hull to deck joint is fully fiberglassed into place. Console is glassed in place. The boat is just one big piece of glass. The decks and transoms do have plywood in them so you have to be careful of stray screw holes but if you ever walk on an Ocean Master deck blindfolded you'd swear that you were walking on a slab of concrete. They are thick! The boat is very heavy and very much a tank.

Handling: Well all boats have faults so here we go. I can't speak honestly about the new Ocean Masters out there but this one (1991) is WET. The telltale single chine that the 31's have, rides up the side of the hull from below the waterline. The chine is rather rounded on the bottom edge and allows alot of spray to get airborne. You could glass in and fair it down for better deflection but it's alot cheaper to buy some spray curtains and a set of Helly Hansons. When an Ocean Master lands down on a wave it just throws water to either side. For the most part the ride is very soft and pleasant but again can be very wet. I rather wet than beat to death.

Engine Room: Twin Yamaha 250 OX-66 Fuel Injection outboards. The classic engine. Very reliable and pushes the boat very nicely. It's not a speed demon especially with a 10 ft. beam, full tower and bottom paint but you can cruise all day long at a respectable 28 knots. The boat is definately calling for the four strokes. The way gas and oil prices are climbing, you'd better believe it.

General Comments: Hands down it's the beast of the offshore center consoles. It's not as pretty as a Venture, Sea Vee or Contender but a used one is sometimes as much as half the cost of one of the competitors. Bottom line is that they're no nonsense and straightfoward. Also their look is classic and timeless. Older ones make great restoration projects.

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Date Submitted: 2007-05-03

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