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Boat Reviews By Owners

1986 -- 25' 0" CHRIS CRAFT

Model: Amerosport

Cockpit: The cockpit is well laid out and is adequate for normal joy riding with a L lounge and captain's chair. This area typically stays dry and provides a comfortable ride even in rough seas. There is a tucked away seat in the stern, but if you use the boat for multi purpose and include fishing, this seat does little good. A couple 90 quart coolers with pads make outstanding seats against the back of the lounge for a fishing operation.

Cabin: The cabin is roomy with an additional area under the stairwell for another person to sleep. The boat did not come with A/C and during the summer in the South, this area is quite warm without a fan blowing. The bathroom facilities are adequate and provide privacy on offshore trips. I don't use the alcohol/electric stove nor the refridgerator, but these items are functional in a pinch.

Construction: The boat is extremely well built and rides smoothly. I installed rodholders in the gunnels and the fiberglass was over two inches thick. The only drawback is that this boat was not designed for long trips. It is one of the heaviest boats for its length on the market and is powered by a 5.7L, which gets it on plane quickly, but drinks fuel heavily. The factory fuel tank is an aluminum 80 gallon which give the boat a range of about 100 miles in reasonable water. This boat would be outstanding offshore if it had larger fuel tank. The deck can get cramped if you get more than about 3 people fishing in the rear. It wasn't designed for fishing so it is hard to fault it on its layout. Much of the boat is geared on the cabin and it would be much more function for my useage if it had less cabin and more deck. The boat has high sides and I have been in 6' seas--not by choice, but safely made it back to port. With the I/O below deck, it is so quiet that I have to look for bubbles to see if the motor is running.

Handling: The boat is responsive under power with power steering. As with any one screw boat, she takes some practice to back her into tight spaces. The most important component that I have found is the idle speed; if the speed is set too high, the weight of the boat makes it hard to manuver. However, properly adjusted, she handles well.

Engine Room: The factory engine for this year was the 5.7 Mercruiser with an Alpha I/O. The reported HP is 260 and will push her at 30 MPH without coolers of ice and multiple passengers. Crusing speed is about around 25 MPH. One draw back is the amount of fuel consumed. She is a heavy boat and gasoline might not be the best option to move her given the rising fuel prices.

General Comments: The boats design is for cruising and overnight stays with ship-to-shore power. The boat does well in the Chesapeake Bay where distances are limited and fuel sources are available. New, the boat came with a bimini top and camper. This makes getting to the anchor in the bow a nerve wracking act; I believe a hard top on the boat and conversion to a walkaround style would solve this feature. For an older boat, the gel coat has held up very well. Fit and layout are nicely done given the transition that Chris Craft was going through at the time the boat was constructed. The boat is solid enough for me to repower without worry given the price of new cruisers of approximately the same length. I'd recommend provided you have enough wallet to provide for the heavy fuel consumption.

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Date Submitted: 2007-01-11

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