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Add Your Free Boat Classified Listings
List your boat for sale. There is no charge to use this or any other part of By-The-Sea.

Any information which is not applicable, please mark N/A, EXCEPT the BOAT URL box which must be left blank unless you can insert a URL that ends in .gif or .jpg; some on-line photo galleries will not allow direct image links. Sorry, we cannot help you with this problem - we do the best we can for free!

WARNING: We have received emails from individuals that have been approached to sell their boats overseas, including England, Africa, and Europe. The proposed payment arrangements have been 'odd' at best. We urge all sellers to be cautious and not provide any detailed personal information to any potential buyer. Do not engage in tranactions where the buyers "overpays you" with a "cashiers check" and you return the "difference" to them.

Boat Information

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Engine Info
Deck Accessories
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Year - Example: 2001
Price - Please omit all "$" signs, commas, and periods!
No "Best Offer" text is allowed as then no person
can search the boat list for a specific price range
Construction Material
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Please be as descriptive as possible. The more detail, the better the chance for a boat sale.

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Contact Information

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Leave the above box BLANK unless you have a URL that ends with .gif or .jpg. Other web addresses or "N/A" will display a broken image. Ex:

We have changed our policy on the display of email addresses: No longer will your email address be visible on your boat for sale ad. However, potential purchasers can still email you via our Contact Form. We have made this change in an effort to reduce spam and ridiculous as well as fradulent offers to buy your boat with a foreign "bank check". Forget it - don't even think about pursuing such a transaction.
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